Generative Constraints is a committee that practises open-ended collaborative research into art, politics, and theory. We experiment with processes and structures of criticism, performance, poetics, and writing. Our activities include organising conferences and public dialogues, teaching, making original creative works, as well as digital publishing and exhibition curation.
We are interested in exploring the ways in which the committee offers a stable and non-hierarchical structure for artistic exploration, and allows for different modes of interrogation that are informed by our particular politics and practices.
As researchers, the members of Generative Constraints have various areas of interest: affect theory and feminism, performance criticism and political philosophy, dramatic radio poetry and sound theory, experimental feminist poetics and translation, time and performance philosophy, experimental fiction and lexicography. As writers and art practitioners, we work with various forms: page-based poetics, criticism, radio poetry, image and video, live art, the novel. As members of a committee, we understand our dynamics in terms of the desire to collaborate and the inevitability of conflict.
Committee Members: Diana Damian Martin, Kate Potts, Nisha Ramayya, Nik Wakefield, Eley Williams.