The body represents a multiplicity of possibilities, speaking to the corporeality of a subject, the work produced by a practitioner, and a collective (for example, the student body and the body politic). Through reading, workshops and discussion, we will interrogate resistance, prescription, embodiment and the social.
- What is your favourite organ?
- Arm or leg?
- Smooth or abrasive (rough, scratchy)?
- Solid / fluid / gas?
- Fluids: secrete / leak / share / absorb?
- How much do you love?
- Where does it hurt?
- Turn towards or away?
- Alpha or beta?
- Dominant or submissive?
- Do you want to join in?
- How allergic are you?
- How much of your self is your brain?
- What would make you more comfortable?
- Where is your centre?
This workshop was organised as part of the Practice-Based Research Programme at Royal Holloway, University of London.

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