POEM: up, un, gen, con, green, blue, flinch, beat, lift /// dispersal, seeds, diaspora, mute, adaptation, re/presentation, mute, stop video, deep 

UpDry eyes tell. I came up to say something, ungreened it for you. 
Barely hearing you and straining green. Don’t miss the beat as it vibrates elsewhere. Generation blue green blues, generation bleeding gums blues. Stop video for an hour. Two hours. 
Watch four movies at the same time.
Some kind of blue in the background, sings I am a waiting boy, alone in the room. Little boy blue, the Green Man, the teal on the shoreline as unmute as anything. 
Blue sighs sighted wishing to see someone else’s words where this displaced person dishes perusals—
What? a wonderful screen this green screen
At the edge, singing of a deep dispersal
It was a con act, but inevitable, contingent, out of sorts. Unwager my heart. No seed variation. 
Sure, take a complementary branded tote bag, I muttered. 
They’re filled with seeds but that guy took most of them.
This is just an adaptation not the original. 
Count yourself stop, deep entrails, video blubber. 
Contract means, for example, stop representation or elsewhere, blowfish. 
“BLEURGH,” said the cresting wave, and decided not to put any more effort into the dispersal of matter.

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